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Welcome to Your Health Wheel

The Health Wheel is where you stop to take a deeper look into your current health.

  • Were you just diagnosed and need help gaining solid footing?

  • Are you wanting to delve into a new layer of your already healthy lifestyle?

  • Perhaps it is just guidance to steer in the right direction.

We certainly can help.


Together we will look at all the aspects known to bring healing to your mind, body & spirit through the Duke Integrative Health Wheel.  You can read more about the wheel here. * 

We will then prioritize the steps to get you there because overwhelm can halt you in your tracks.


​Be assured that if you are ready to begin the journey, Dr. Bentley is here to support you.  Dr. Bentley collaborates with a wealth of healers within the community.

Your plan can fast track or your plan can be at a slower pace as you integrate new healthy habits into your lifestyle.  It is up to you.

We are honored to be part of your wellness journey.

Dr. Sarah Bentley

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*The Wheel of Health is (c) Duke University on Behalf of Duke Integrated Health

It is my passion in life to help those around me that are struggling to find a clear personalized path to wellness to FIND IT!

-Dr. Sarah Bentley


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