Sarah E Bentley DC

Thank you for taking the time to learn about  my personal journey.  It is always a myriad of experiences that shapes us and calls forward our spirit within to bring ourselves to the world in our own unique way.

When I look back at the beginning of this journey, I realize that I know that I knew nothing about how to be healthy.

I suffered headaches and debilitating stress that would land me under the covers

hidden from the world.  Anxiety ridden and truly clueless that life could be

any other way, I suffered.


It was not until I explored being of service to humankind in the form of a

massage therapist and chiropractor that I discovered there was another way. 

Never having a massage or knowing what it was all about, I enrolled in massage

school and found my forever passion.

This was the beginning of truly a magical journey. 

Through massage, I learned so many simple things that really aren't that simple.  I could remove headaches (mine, too!!), how simple carbs zap your energy quickly in just 30 minutes, how water is so necessary, how lavender heals burns lickety-split.


With each tiny step, my hunger grew and I found myself enrolled at Parker  University studying chiropractic. 

At Parker I learned how C2 vertebrae alignment helps with allergies.  I learned a thoracic adjustment boosts the immune system and how a cervical adjustment lowers blood pressure.

Unbelievable!!  Just these few things were life-altering for me. 

On a larger scale,


Through the highs and lows (losing a preterm baby resulting in severe depression, dealing with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis are just a few) I discovered that being with the sorrows, the discomforts and misalignments of my body are all opportunities to come alive and invite vitality and abundance back into it.  

This journey has given me the understanding that it takes having awesome champions in your corner when you are on the healing path.  People that will root for you when you haven't quite found your own self-driven cheer section.  We all deserve this.

I am so lucky to have those champions in my life.  Let this be the start of your personal cheer section and I will introduce you to a world of  magic created from your desire and commitment to yourself.

Yours in bountiful health,

Sarah E Bentley, DC





Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas TX   Sept.  2004-Sept. 2007

  • Degree of Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Bachelor of Science Anatomy

  • Bachelor of Science Health and Wellness

  • New Life Institute of Massage Excellence, Atlanta GA   July 2000 - Dec 2000 (630-Hour) NeuroMuscular Therapist, Swedish Massage, and Seated Chair Certified

  •   American Intercontinental University, Bachelor of Business Management and Marketing           



  • Functional Nutrition Alliance - present

  • Neuro-Emotional Technique 2007-present

  • AromaTherapy Certification AromaHead Institute

  • Activator Certification 2009

  • Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and Physiotherapy Passed: Sept 2007

  • Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique Certified: Sept 2007

  • Certified Acupuncturist (200-Hours): Jan 2006- July 2007

  • Thompson Technique: Sept 2006

  • Active Release Technique Certification: Lower Extremity, May 2005; Upper Extremity, July 2005.

  • CranioSacral Therapy: Level I, May 2001; Level II, July 2004.

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy: Level I, November 2002; Level II June 2003.

  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist: 2001-present.

  • Foot Reflexology Certified: , Aug 2001.

  • Reiki Master, June 2001  


  • Alumni Board of Parker College of Chiropractic 2006-2007

  • Committee on Curriculum and Grades 2006-2007

  • Awarded Outstanding Merit and Accomplishment in Student Leadership September 2007

  • President Inaugural Semester of Neuro-Emotional Technique Club at Parker College of Chiropractic.

  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior College2003-2004.

  • Hospice Volunteer Odyssey HealthCare 2002-2003.


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